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Passport in Motion
Passport Touch Screen
PPT Gray Closed (Small)

Before you even write on the Passport Touch, you’ll probably notice its Hide-Away Touch Screen.  It’s a large, crystal-clear capacitive touch screen that gives you a wider range of viewing angles than any other writer, but the Passport Touch also works with the screen closed and out of the way.

Controls on the touch screen are supplemented by traditional function keys and a mouse-style scroll wheel.

“Touch” also refers to the Perfect TouchTM keyboard.

  • A “soft” landing at the bottom of each keystroke increases comfort and reduces shock.
  • A linked number bar keeps keys perfectly aligned when stroke depth is adjusted.
  • The shape of the keys has been fine-tuned for easier “bridging”.
  • We’ve added a scoop behind the number bar so you can stretch your fingers out.

A Keyboard Just for You

  • Adjustable Height Vowel Keys.
    Select low, medium, or high.
  • Adjustable Height StenoMagicTM Keys
    Two special keys at the left edge of the keyboard can be used like Ctrl, Alt or Shift for running macros and to integrate prefixes into your writing style.
  • Split Key Option. 
    The asterisk and initial “S” can be separated for expanded steno.

Patented Anti-Stacking and Shadow-Tracking
Seeing which keys you drag or drop helps you adjust for precise results and get better translation.

StenoVision:  Patented technology continuously monitors the exact position, direction of travel, and speed of movement of each key in realtime. The Passport allows you to fine-tune its powerful anti-stacking/anti-splitting software for optimum results with your personal writing style.  Because there is no physical contact with the sensors, metal fatigue and “bounce” are also eliminated.

Passport Touch Key Adjustments

Adjustable in Realtime

  • No need to stop a job to adjust keys.
  • Adjustment wheels at the front of the writer set tension and stroke depth (from ultra-shallow to deep).
  • Use the scroll wheel to adjust each key’s electronic sensitivity while you continue to write.
  • A patented display shows each key’s position without guesswork.  See real results instantly.

Easy to use and works with any CAT system.

Built-In Visualizer Movies:
At just about every screen, you’ll find a “Help” button.  Use it to access the manual and at least 12 short movies that are built into the Passport Touch.  It’s never been easier to learn how to get the most from your writer.

Passport Touch Dix-Tran Screens

Backups: The Passport Touch has 32 gigabytes of memory, plus support for 32GB SD cards and 32GB flash drives.  Audio files are stored in three places (memory, SD card, and USB drive) for exceptional protection.

Automatic Re-Writer: The Passport Touch has such a large memory that it can store every sensor reading as you’re writing.  If you find you need to adjust some key(s), you can do so and the Passport Touch can automatically re-write your job to take into account the changed keyboard settings. 

PPT Re-Writer Before-After
PPT White Bck

Built-in Microphone and triple backup of audio files. Of course, you can plug in an external microphone.  Plug in earphones to enjoy live monitoring, synchronized playback, and to listen to the built-in Visualizer movies.

Built-in Bluetooth and Built-in WiFi

Reporter-inspired: Here are just a few features that working reporters have requested, and we’re happy to listen:

  • Test Mode.  No need to create a junk file or write nonsense at the start of a job in order to test your writer.  Check your key settings, your translation, your audio recording, and the connection to your CAT software.  The “Test” button on the writer’s Desktop lets you do all these things, without creating clutter in the file manager.
  • Steno preview in File Manager.  Looking for a file to re-open or to copy or delete?  As you scroll through the File Manager, we’ll give you a quick steno preview so you don’t have to open the file just to see what’s in it.
  • Spell Mode.  When you want to search for text or create a new dictionary entry, you can type quickly from the steno keyboard.  “Spell Mode” makes it possible to type long words in text dialogues, with just a few steno strokes.
  • Quick Dictionary Entry Macros.  Want to add a dictionary entry?  One stroke will open the dialogue where you can write your steno, then use Spell Mode to define it.  Press OK and it’s in your dictionary.  A bare minimum of steps.

Attention to Detail:  We haven’t forgotten the “little” things – like a built-in carrying handle, a perfectly balanced tripod mount, a sealed design, and recessed ports to help protect peripherals and cables in the event of an accident. We also include a USB cable, Micro SD card and small-profile USB flash drive, tripod, charger, and a deluxe carrying case (includes laptop compartment, easy-access phone sleeve, integrated luggage strap and more).

Battery:  Easily offers 15 hours of continuous power, depending upon screen brightness.

Dimensions & Weight:   3.7” x 9.6” x 11”, 5.2 pounds.

24-Hour Support – 365 Days Per Year:  You’ll get the same high quality of support for the Passport that you’ve come to expect with Total Eclipse. Compare that with other companies that only offer writer support during regular business hours Monday through Friday.

Free Software Updates -- Forever!

Passport Touch Red Skin

Colors and Skin:  The Passport Touch comes in white or charcoal gray, but you can choose from dozens of temporary “skins” to personalize it. 

Here’s an example of a charcoal gray writer with a red temporary skin.

Click here to see available skins.

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