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 Translation Magic:
The Eclipse Prefixes & Suffixes Kit
The Eclipse Conflicts Kit

Price:  $69.95

Over 2 hours of video presentations
.3 NCRA Continuing Education Units
Download “Prefixes & Suffixes Demo”
Download “Conflicts Demo”

 Here’s what one Eclipse user had to say about “Translation Magic”

After 13 years of being on the same software, I finally switched to Eclipse; and I have been very happy with the program.

Needless to say, switching to a completely different program was a little overwhelming.  Then I learned about “Translation Magic.”  It has somewhere around 900 conflicts, etc. programmed into it.  I went through the video and WOW!!!!  I got over a 99% translation rate with my conflicts all resolving the right way.  I especially love the Number conflicts and Echo conflicts.  It saves so much time in editing. Thanks.
-- Tami Le
Southern California

Please note:
All videos run from CD-ROM disks and can be played on your computer even while Eclipse is being used.

Tutorial Outline:
Audio/Visual Tips
How the Video Player Works
Introduction:  A New Meaning for “Translation Magic”
1.  Dictionary & User Settings Backups
2.  Prefixes and Suffixes
     Install the Prefixes and Suffixes Kit
     What Eclipses Uses to Add Prefixes and Suffixes
     The Prefixes and Suffixes Dictionary
     The Prefixes and Suffixes Table
     The “Add Prefix/Suffix” Dialogue
     The Spelling Dictionary
     Integral Prefixes and Suffixes
3. Conflicts
     Install the Conflicts Kit
     How to Use the Conflicts Kit
     How Eclipse Resolves Conflicts
     The Conflicts Dictionaries
          Adopting Entries and Changing Steno
          Basic Conflicts
          Punctuation Conflicts
          Hyphenation Conflicts
          Number-Related Conflicts
     Slop-Stroke Entries
     Copying Conflict Resolution Logic
     Keyboard Magic
4. Customizing the Phonetics Table (Updated for v4.2)
5. Demystifying the Metadictionary
     Metadictionary Basics
     Simple Metadictionary Changes
     Wildcards within Metadictionaries
     Hiding Braces in the Metadictionary
     The Metadictionary Editor (as of Total Eclipse 4.1)
Obtaining Continuing Education Credits
     How to Obtain NCRA Continuing Education Credits
     Test 1:  Multiple Choice - 25 Questions
     Test 2:  True or False - 50 Questions
          Note:  Two tests are offered.  Take whichever one you prefer.
          You can even take both tests, but double credit is not available.