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Your Texas Format Files Are Ready

      Don’t worry about creating cover pages, certificate pages, and other files to comply with the Texas Uniform Format for Court Reporters.  I’ve done the preparation for you.

     What’s more, your Texas files take full advantage of Total Eclipse time-savers like the Fill-in-the-Blanks process and Automatic Indexing.

      In addition, more than 15 short Visualizers have been created to show you how to use your Texas files. 

Master Indexes for Reporters in Texas Courts

“I love Total Eclipse.
The automatic indexing for reporters in Texas courts
is more than worth the investment in time and money.
I am thrilled each time I generate a volume index
and always eager to let Eclipse do its magic
to create the Master index.
No more manual indexing for me - ever!”

Judy Miller, CSR
Official Reporter, Fort Worth, Texas
Chairperson, Uniform Format Manual Committee

Visualizer Movies Make Learning Easy

Need Texas Files or Texas Visualizers?