Keith Vincent, CSR
Tel. +1 (713)429-5473


An Eclipse Mini-Tour

Price:  $19.95

About 45 minutes of video presentations
.1 NCRA CEU Credits

   A set of short presentations that show Total Eclipse in action.  You can watch the entire tour in about 45 minutes, or you can quickly zero in on the features you want to see.
   Whether you’re just looking at or already own Eclipse software, this tutorial offers a short but substantive vision of what makes Total Eclipse unique among CAT programs.

Please note:
All videos run from CD-ROM disks and can be played on your computer even while Eclipse is being used.

Tutorial Outline:
 A   The Essence of Total Eclipse
 B   Getting Help & Training within Total Eclipse
 C   Using Windows Procedures, e.g., Copying from SearchMaster
 D   The Document Setup Wizard
 E   Translation Magic
 F        Intelligent Prefix/Suffix Addition
 G        Intelligent Conflict Resolution
 H        Automatic Number Conversion
 I    Instant Realtime Transcription
 J        Auto-Brief
 K        Auto-Split Screen
 L        Bridge Mobile for all Client Devices
 M       The CART Window
 N       Captioning and Extreme Multitasking
 O   Shared Editing via Connection Magic
 P   AutoMagic for Intuitive Editing
 Q        Hyperkeys, AutoMagic, and Typeover Tracking
 R        Customizable Dialogues and Toolbars
 S        Synchronized Audio
 T        Global Magic (Global at a Glance)
 U        Dictionary Features
 V        Spelling and Proofreading
 W       The Fill-in-the-Blanks Process
 X        Automatic Indexing
 Y        PDF Files and Adobe Acrobat Reader
 Z   The Total Eclipse File Manager
Plus:  What’s New in Total Eclipse
         Eclipse Vox and AccuCap Vox
         6 French Visualizers
         14 Visualizers devoted to AutoMagic
         How to Obtain Continuing Education Credits