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Get the most out of your CAT software’s synchronized audio recording and playback features.  Invest in a good microphone.  Here are a few worth considering.  If you find others that you like better, let know so I can help spread the word.  These, and others, are from the Court Reporters page of SoundProfessionals.com.

Reviewed in e-Tip #155

Reviewed in e-Tip #83

Model 6 Plus USB Ultra-High-Gain Stereo/Mono Microphone
    and Headphone Monitor

         Many notebook computers have sound cards that do not support realtime monitoring of what your microphone is picking up.  This tiny USB sound card with two built-in microphones frees you from such limitations. 
 - Just plug in earphones for realtime mic monitoring.
 - Realtime mic monitoring lets you easily amplify quiet speech.
 - Inconspicuous
 - Designed specifically for court reporters
 - High Sensitivity Omnidirectional Pickup Pattern
 - Easily picks up an entire room (90-100 feet)
 - No batteries.  Powered by the USB port.
         Made in USA.  SP-USB-Mic-Model-6-Plus
 - For greater range,
         plug in a matching external high-sensitivity mic boundary mic
- Internal and external mics work simultaneously.
 - USB extension cables available
         (in case your USB port is not ideally located)

Single-Channel Boundary-Style Microphone

         This microphone matches the two that are built into the USB Ultra High-Gain mic that’s shown on this page.  Just plug it into the external mic jack in order to extend the recording range.  You can order the length of cord that you want, and you can also order the mic with a daisy-chain jack.  This will let you plug in one more jack, giving you a total of four mics that would feed into the USB sound card.
 - 40-foot cable (Other sizes available upon request)
 - Small size
 - Daisy chain connection ($20 option) allows more than one mic to be connected together in series.
 - High Sensitivity Omnidirectional Pickup Pattern
 - No batteries. 
         Made in USA.


Reviewed in e-Tip #144

Multi-Track USB Device for Eclipse 7+

         Eclipse 7 can produce up to 8 separate sound recordings that are synchronized to your realtime text.  This device contains four high-quality Andrea sound cards, allowing you to plug four microphones.  In addition, you can plug in a set of earphones for live monitoring of all four microphones.  Switches on the front of the unit allow you to mute the live monitoring for any microphones, without disturbing the recording progress.