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Interactive Realtime Transcription, 3rd Edition
(not just for Total Eclipse users!)

Price:  $69.95

Over 3 hours of video presentations
.4 NCRA Continuing Education Units
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     Now in its 3rd Edition, this tutorial has been completely revised, updated, and greatly expanded.
    Many reporters who have the writing skills to offer realtime transcription are afraid to do so.  “What if I can’t connect to the client’s computer?”  “What if my client asks me how to do simple things on their realtime viewing software?”  This tutorial addresses these two basic fears in a manner that applies to users of all CAT systems.

Please note:
All videos run from CD-ROM disks and can be played on your computer even while Eclipse is being used.

Tutorial Outline:
Audio/Visual Tips
How the Video Player Works
1. Introductory Presentations
     What’s Your Motivation?
     Prepare your Backup
     Realtime User Settings - Turn These ON
     Realtime User Settings - Turn These OFF
     Screen Savers, Anti-Virus Programs & Firewalls
     Instant Acces & Cleaned-Up Copies
2.  Connections and Troubleshooting
     The Writer Connection
     Adding Serial Ports:  The Socket I/O PC Card
     Adding Serial Ports:  USB Serial Adapters
     Wireless Realtime Connections
     The Client Connection
     Startup Sequence & Retransmitting Text
     Using a Realtime Output Buffer
     Troubleshooting - 12 Checks
     Com Port Conflicts
You Be the Judge (or Attorney):
     Exploring Realtime Viewing Software
3.  Bridge 2.0
          Getting a Free Copy of Bridge 2.0 by Advantage Software
          5-Minute Overview
          Starting the Program
          Basic Functions:  Help, Keyboard Chart, Demo
          Basic Functions:  Auto-Split Window, Fonts, Colors
          Basic Functions:  Spot Markers, Notes, Issue Codes
          Basic Functions:  Find, Quick Searches
          Basic Functions:  Copy & Paste
          Both Total Eclipse and Bridge on the Same Computer
          Automatic Realtime Document Refresh
          Re-sending Transcribed Testimony.  Preserving Notes.
          Using Bridge to Play Synchronized Audio
          Printing, Reports and ASCII Export
          Running Bridge from a Flash Drive
          Creating a Reporter-Personalized Installer
               Install Bridge
               Personalize Installer
               Bridge FAQs
4.  Transcript Manager Pro by 1360 Studios
          Getting a Demo Copy for PC or Mac
          Starting the Program & Getting Help
          Realtime Connection & Display
          Quick Marks & Notes
          Color Highlighting of Issues
          Quick Search or Case Search
          Reports and Printing
          Copy, Paste, Import, Export
DepoSmart by Clarity Legal Software
          Getting a Demo Copy for PC, Mac, or Linux
5.  CaseView
          Getting a Demo Copy of CaseView II
          Starting the Program & Getting Help
          Scroll Control (Online vs. Review)
          Display Adjustments
          Basic Functions:  Find
          Basic Functions:  Marks & Notes
          Issue Codes
          Closing Program, Synchronizing with Transcript
          Getting a Demo Copy of Summation
          Starting the Program & Getting Help
          Display Adjustments
          From Simulation to Serial Connection
          Scroll Control
          Basic Functions:  Quick Marks & Auto-Mark
          Basic Functions:  Issues & Notes
          Basic Functions:  Find
6.  LiveNote
Getting a Demo Copy
          Starting the Program & Controlling Auto-Scroll
          The LiveNote Tutorial
          Display Adjustments
          From Simulation to Serial Connection
         “Engate” Litigation & Realtime Licensing Tokens
          Basic Functions:  Quick Marks
          Basic Functions:  Notes & Issue Codes
          Basic Functions:  Find
          An Interesting Press Release:
               West Court Reporting (Formerly LiveNote World Services)
7.  Realtime Scoping & Eclipse Steno Link
          Realtime Scoping (and Split Screens)
          Using a Realtime Output Buffer
          Eclipse Steno Link:   Overview
          Eclipse Steno Link:  Configuration
          Division Intervals for a Networked Scoping Team
          Access to Reporter’s Audio
          Instant Access and Cleaned-Up Copies
8.  Internet-Based Realtime Transcription
          TeleView by Advantage Software  -  Text
          Speche Communications  -  Text
          I-Dep Legal Streaming Services  -  Text, Video & Chat
         A Comparison of These Three Programs
9.  Supplementary Documentation (PDF Files)
Obtaining Continuing Education Credits
     How to Obtain NCRA Continuing Education Credits
     Test 1:  Multiple Choice - 25 Questions
     Test 2:  True or False - 50 Questions
          Note:  Two tests are offered.  Take whichever one you prefer.
          You can even take both tests, but double credit is not available.