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     Here I’ve tried to answer the most common questions that I receive concerning SearchMaster.  If you find that your question is not answered on this page, just call during business hours at 713-429-5473.


  • What other software can do all the same things that SearchMaster can?

     None.  SearchMaster is the world's only research and data-management program designed specifically for court reporting professionals. Sure, you could find much of this information on the Web, but you don’t always have an Internet connection available (especially when you’re traveling) and the sheer abundance of the information can be overwhelming.  SearchMaster harnesses that information and places it on your computer where you can access it easily at all times.


  • Does it matter which CAT system I use?

     Not at all.  SearchMaster is a stand-alone Windows program that is operated from its own icon on the Windows screen.


  • Does SearchMaster have a Help file?

     Better.  It has training movies! The movies can be paused and restarted so that you can switch back and forth between them and SearchMaster. The movies amount to a hands-on, self-taught, interactive seminar.


  • Is there a support line for SearchMaster?

     Yes.  907-790-1953.  Call between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. Pacific Time.


  • Are the glossaries ever updated?

     Definitely.  For example, the medical file (medical terminology and drugs) has been updated over 60 times in the past two years.


  • How do I receive SearchMaster updates?

     Updates to existing files are posted to the Internet and can be downloaded by SearchMaster owners.  Owners are informed via the SearchMaster news when there are new files or upgrades to the program.  You can also, at any time during your support period, request an update CD for $10.


  • How much does SearchMaster cost?

     SearchMaster sells for $289, with a yearly renewal fee of $99. Though SearchMaster will continue to function after the initial year’s subscription expires, new and expanded files downloaded from the Internet after the expiration of membership will not work.


  • When would I want to search my transcripts for certain references?

     Suppose you say, "I remember doing a job for this attorney a few months ago, and I DID make an ASCII copy of that job."
      Open SearchMaster, click on the directory where you store your transcripts, click on ALL FILES, and tell SearchMaster to search ALL of your transcripts for J*N *Y, Esq.  SearchMaster finds JOHN GREENLEY, Esq.  You can then double-click on the reference and you’re instantly inside the transcript where his name and other information appear on the appearance page.


  • What glossaries does SearchMaster contain?

     More than 100, including:  Generic words, terms, and proper noun files (700,000+); Airports; Asbestos; Aviation; Bible names; Biology; Boats; Bridges; Cars and trucks; Cemeteries; Chemicals; Churches, synagogues, and temples; Cities, Counties, Zip Codes; Cities and countries of the world; Clubs; US Congressional members; Construction; Environmental terminology; Financial terminology; Foreign words (Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Japanese); Geology; Guns; Hospitals, clinics, treatment centers; Indians of North America; Insurance ; Jails; Latin/English; Libraries; Medical and Drugs; Military bases; Museums; Men’s and women’s first names; Oceanography; Famous people from all walks of life; Pesticides, herbicides, etc.; Radio-TV names and locations; Railroad names and terms; Richest 100 people in the world; Schools, colleges, and universities in the United States and Canada; Stadiums; Supreme Court citations for last century; Technology: electrical, mechanical, physics, computer, audio, video; US Land & Water features; 50 US State files; World Info (all countries); and more.

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