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See It:  Spelling & Proofreading

What about Spelling & Proofreading?

     Total Eclipse includes great spelling tools.  It can help you verify the spelling or definition of an individual word, or check your entire document.

      You can control the speed of the document checker so that you can
read along, watching for context problems while the computer finds other errors that you might miss.

     Want a “Batch Spellcheck” that quickly lists errors and lets you correct them?  That’s available, too.  In this example, Dan Bushey’s name was misspelled as “Bushie” in one spot.  A list like this helps you spot inconsistent spellings.

Google It!
                 Got Internet?  Total Eclipse makes it easy to mark a word or phrase for a quick Google search.

We recommend SearchMaster:
                 Whether or not you have access to the Internet, SearchMaster can help you quickly find a word, term, or reference -- even when you’re not sure of the spelling!