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See It:  Form Fields & Automatic Indexing

What’s meant by Blanks (Form Fields)?

    The “Fill-in-the-Blanks” process makes it quick and easy to prepare title pages, certificates, etc.   Alignment is maintained where necessary.  Unused lines or spaces can delete automatically.  Form fields can be set to right justify, capitalize automatically, or remember information like names and dates.  Fields can point to automatically sorted “pick lists” of unlimited size.  For example, pick a client’s name from a list and Eclipse will fill in all the blanks for his or her firm, address, phone numbers, etc.

      Total Eclipse form fields are an extremely versatile and efficient editing tool.  Use them.  Don’t type when Eclipse can do it for you.   

What about Automatic Indexing?

     You won't ever have to burn the midnight oil putting together your multi-volume exhibit index and adjusting page numbers. Push a button, print, and go to bed.

      Is it easy to use automatic indexing?  Definitely.  Is it easy to set up?  It depends on your format.  If your format is complex, you can’t expect your indexing setup to be very simple.  Bottom line:  Total Eclipse is fully up to the challenge of producing beautiful automatic indexes for any format.
(Don’t forget to check out the e-Power Video Tutorial on Automatic Indexing.)

What about files for cover pages, certificates, parentheticals, and indexes?

     Complete setups are ready for reporters in Texas (including those working in Federal courts).  If you’re purchasing the software through me, I’ll install the appropriate setup(s) on your computer. 

Texas page of this website offers additional information and demonstrations of the Texas format files.