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See It:  Speakers & Timekeeping

How does Total Eclipse track Speakers?

     When you add a speaker to your document, it’s added to the Speaker Table. 
Need to add or change names?  Just open the Speaker Table.

What about By-Lines?

     When Total Eclipse sees a speaker ID followed by a question paragraph (or a question paragraph immediately followed by a speaker ID), it can automatically insert a By-Line, according to your format.  Eclipse can also automatically insert missing by-lines whenever Q&A is interrupted by colloquy (and even parentheticals).

Is there a Timekeeper built into Total Eclipse?

     Yes.  Here’s how it works.  You do not have to remember to turn a timer on or off.  Total Eclipse automatically records timecodes during realtime translation.  Some writing machines also embed timecodes in steno files that Eclipse can retrieve for non-realtime translation.

      The Timekeeper analyzes your timecodes to report the amount of time used by various speakers.  Eclipse looks for “By-Lines” to indicate when a speaker has the floor.  For example, if you identify a speaker and then immediately begin a question paragraph, Eclipse can automatically insert the By-Line for you.  However, you can also insert By-Lines later, when you edit your document.  Either way, these By-Lines and your document timecodes are all the Eclipse timekeeper needs. 

      During realtime translation, you can open the Timekeeper to get a running total of the time used by each speaker.  When a job is over, the Timekeeper can report cumulative times.

Can I Edit Timecodes if I’ve forgotten to synchronize my computer’s clock with the videographer’s time?

     Yes, you can adjust timecodes for part or all or your document.  Just mark the text whose timecodes you want to adjust.  Then go to the “Edit” menus | Miscellaneous | Edit Timecodes.  (You can also get there by pressing Shift Alt C.)  Spin controls help you adjust both the time of day and the elapsed time recorded in your document.