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Always Instant Dictionary Access

     With some CAT systems, realtime translation means limited access to your steno dictionaries.  Sure, you can create global replacements on translated steno; but if you try to open your dictionaries and make additions/changes in real time, they won’t be used until the next translation.  That’s not very helpful.

     With Total Eclipse, you have complete access to all your steno dictionaries at all times.  Any changes or additions are instantly visible and instantly available to the translator.  You never have to close and save and reopen any dictionary for an accurate display of its current state.  If you think of steno that’s not yet defined in your dictionary, you can either use the globaling process or just press Ctrl D to add it directly.  There’s no waiting until the next job to have the benefit of your most up-to-date dictionary.

     Even after translation has started, you can change your mind about which dictionaries you want to use.  Perhaps you forgot to select the right case dictionary.  Perhaps you need to give higher or lower priority to a job dictionary that you’re currently using. 

What about Dictionary Searches?

    With Total Eclipse IV, you can search by steno, partial steno, number of strokes, text, and much, much more.  There are more than 20 short Visualizer movies that show how easy it is to search, merge/unmerge, import/export, print entries, and gather statistics on this most important of your system files.

What about dictionary conversion?

     Total Eclipse includes a large number of built-in dictionary conversions.  Just prepare a dictionary backup on your current CAT system. 
      Of course, we can also convert dictionaries that you’ve built up on student versions of other CAT programs, too.

Don’t have a steno dictionary?

     Total Eclipse includes a dictionary building kit.  A small, well-built Eclipse dictionary, with plenty of prefixes and suffixes, often translates better than a larger one on other CAT systems.