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See It:  Document Protection & File Management

Your time is precious.  Your work is, too.
We don’t ask you to save documents.
We’re constantly saving your work, automatically.

Continuous document protection.  Total Eclipse Version 5 saves to disk every 5 seconds.  In case of a power failure, the current paragraph is not lost, only the few changes that were “just in memory.”

For an extra measure of protection, there’s also timed auto-backup.  At regular intervals, Eclipse creates up to 10 rolling  backups of your work.   

What about File Management?

     Just press Ctrl F or use the toolbar icon to open the Total Eclipse File Manager.  It makes it easy to move multiple files, rename them, e-mail them, back them up, burn to CD, and much more, with just a simple keyboard command or a mouse click.  The “Explore” button in the File Manager opens Windows Explorer, which adds additional file management features.

     There’s also a free plug-in that allows the powerful Google Desktop Search to find text within Total Eclipse files.

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