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See It:  Scan & Find

How do I scan to trouble spots in my document?

     Total Eclipse offers a large number of scans, in both forward and reverse directions.  You’ll probably use the “Trouble Spot” scan because it stops on both untranslates and unresolved conflicts, but sometimes you’ll want to jump only to untranslates or only to conflicts.   

      You can access these scans through toolbar icons, but it’s faster to use Speedkeys or Hyperkeys.

Ctrl T - Scan to Next Trouble Spot
     Shift Ctrl T - Scan to Previous Trouble Spot
Ctrl U - Scan to Next
     Shift Ctrl U - Scan to Previous Untranslate
Ctrl \  - Scan to Next
Unresolved Conflict
     Shift Ctrl \ - Scan to Previous Unresolved Conflict
Ctrl O - Scan to Next
Conflict (resolved or not)
     Shift Ctrl O - Scan to Previous Conflict
Ctrl S -
All Available Scans (forward direction)
     Shift Ctrl S - All Scans (reverse direction)
Shift Ctrl M -
Multi-scan (Repeat any scan,
     for quick correction of trouble spots)

What about Finding Text or Steno in Documents?

  Start your search at the Find/Replace dialogue. 
No need to reopen the Find/Replace dialogue to locate the next occurrence, just press Ctrl L. 
  To switch directions and locate a previous occurrence, press Shift Ctrl L.