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Synchronized Audio Recording
with Fast/Slow/Squelch Playback!
Standard equipment in all versions of Total Eclipse

What audio features are built into Total Eclipse?

     All versions of Total Eclipse feature synchronized audio recording and playback at no extra charge.  Place your cursor anywhere in your text and enjoy instant playback at either original speed or faster or slower, without pitch distortion.  If you want, we’ll even pause the playback while you’re creating global replacements or typing in text.  We also support stereo recording..
      Eclipse makes it easy to automatically skip over pauses and silences during playback.  Just raise the Volume Threshold.  It’s like the Squelch on an old CB radio, and it really cuts down on the time it takes to transcribe videotaped proceedings.

Is audio recording and playback possible on all computers?

     There’s an easy way to test your computer’s sound recording capability.  On the Windows desktop, click on Start | All Programs | Accessories.  Look for “Entertainment” or “Multimedia,” then select “Sound Recorder.”  Be aware that many computers do not include a built-in microphone.  It’s not a bad idea to invest in a high-quality microphone.

Do I have to stop realtime translation or audio recording to use synchronized playback?

     No.  If you or your scopist want to listen to a spot in your realtime transcript, just go to that spot and press play.  It won’t affect your recording.  If you want to check a spot in any other transcript that has a sound file, go ahead.  Also, feel free to use earphones to monitor what your microphone is picking up during real time transcription.  Your computer is an amplifier ready to help you hear even mumbling witnesses.

Do I have to set up realtime translation in order to have the benefit of synchronized audio playback?

   No.  MediaLink has been part of Eclipse since 1996.  If your steno machine has internal timestamping turned on and if you are using a digital voice recorder like those made by Olympus, Eclipse can match the timecodes.  It takes a few more steps than recording during realtime transcription, but it is possible.  (Of course, with Advantage Software’s Passport writer, you won’t even need the digital recorder.  The Passport itself offers audio recording and playback.)

Do audio files take up a lot of room on my computer?

   They don’t have too.  However, not all computers like the same audio compression.  We don’t limit you to one or two settings.  Total Eclipse can use any codec that’s installed on your computer.   Use what works best for you.  After all, the whole point of audio playback is to be able to understand what was said!  You decide whether an hour of audio will take 3 or 30 megabytes of space.  Today’s computers offer tremendous storage space, and you’ll delete the sound files when you’re finished transcribing the job, anyway.