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See It:  Realtime Transcription

Software should not make it hard to write.
We understand real-world writing.
With Total Eclipse on your side, you may be surprised at how good you already are;
and with
Auto-Brief, you’ll be surprised at how easy writing can be.

What is One-Button Realtime Startup?

     You can start Total Eclipse realtime translation by just clicking on the “Realtime” icon of the 1st toolbar.  Eclipse will use your most recent translation options and automatically name the file with an “RT” and today’s date and time.  When you stop translation, the system can automatically prompt you to rename the file.

What’s on the “Translate Notes” Dialogue?

      You can access all translation options from the “Translate Notes” dialogue.  From here you can name your job, select dictionaries, turn phonetic translation on or off, turn realtime output on or off, and much more.  The “Gear” icon gives access to the full User Settings dialogues, so you can make quick changes without having to close the “Translate” dialogue first.

If I already have realtime cables, can I use them with Eclipse?

     Yes, you can use your current realtime cables.  Eclipse also works very well with the StenoCast wireless realtime setup.  There’s also Connection Magic to make it easy for remote scopists and proofreaders to edit while you write and also to offer Bridge clients via the Internet

Can I output in more than one format at the same time?

     Absolutely.  For instance, you might output via Connection Magic to a client using the free Bridge realtime viewer.  At the same time, you might be outputting to CaseView or LiveNote via a StenoCast wireless setup.  At the same time, you may be using another serial port to connect to a closed captioning encoder.  An in-depth video tutorial (.4 NCRA CEU) is available to help you take advantage of these capabilities.

Can I have a scopist edit as I write?

     Sure.  With Shared Editing via Connection Magic, you can even have a team working on the same job at the same time.

Can I create globals and do other editing of my realtime transcript from the steno keyboard?

     Certainly.  The Realtime Editing Kit will help you, and there’s a video tutorial (.4 NCRA CEU) to help you learn.  If you have a scopist sitting beside you, keep in mind that both you and your scopist have complete access to your realtime document.  Unlike some programs, Total Eclipse does not say that editing from the steno keyboard is limited to a relatively small “reporter’s area” that has not yet been accessed from the computer keyboard.  With Eclipse, you can edit anywhere in your document, from your steno machine or from your computer keyboard, whichever you find faster at any moment.

Free “Bridge” Realtime Viewer for your Clients

     Your clients won't have to buy any software in order to view your realtime output. They can use that money they save to pay your invoices!  

Auto-Refresh of Judge/Attorney “Bridge” Screens

     You're looking good because your globals and corrections are instantly reflected on attorneys' and judges' computer screens, no matter how far back they are in your transcript. Your realtime output is amazing. You don't have to explain untranslates and conflicts to anyone.  Did we mention that the “Bridge” software is free?

Realtime Output Buffer - Clean it, before they see it

     Even if you’re not using Bridge, we want you to look your best.  You can set up an “Edit Word Buffer,” as large or as small as you want.  Whatever is in that buffer has not yet been seen by your clients.  You can clean it before they see it.  Works with all litigation support programs -- CaseView, LiveNote, Summation, Binder, etc.