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See It:  Numbers

Reporting and captioning should be as automatic as possible.
Why should you have to worry about number formatting?

What does Total Eclipse need to convert numbers properly?

     Eclipse needs only a few adjustments in order to properly format numbers as it translates.  First, adjust the “Numbers” section of your User Settings.  This is where you’ll tell Eclipse how you write numbers and how you want them transcribed.  Second, adjust your dictionary entries.  You won’t need a large number of entries like 100, 200, 300, etc.  Just a few entries for “hundred” and “dollars” and so on.
     The Efficient Editing Tutorial includes a complete section on automatic number conversion.  I’ve also prepared an
e-Power Video Tutorial to help you take full advantage of this wonderful part of Total Eclipse.

I don’t use the number bar to write numbers.  Will that be a problem?

     Not at all.  You can still take advantage of Eclipse automatic number conversion.

My numbers translate perfectly with my existing software.  Will Total Eclipse be of any help to me?

     You don’t have to change your number-writing style to use Eclipse.  Although you can turn off the number conversion, it’s better to fine-tune it to support your style. 

      Total Eclipse can actually offer
greater control over number transcription, even for realtime writers and captioners.   For example, Eclipse can easily transcribe currency numbers with the appropriate symbols.  Want to see your yen properly transcribed, just define your “yen” stroke as {C:yen}.  Then write it as you hear it.

Is there a number conversion command available during editing?

     Certainly.  There are also Hyperkeys that put the most common number conversions right at your fingertips.  Plus, number-related choices are offered when AutoMagic sees that your cursor is on a number.

Numbers Dialogue
Numbers - AutoMagic