Eclipse FAQs

Keith Vincent, CSR
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Here you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions about Total Eclipse computer-assisted transcription software.  If you have other questions, just call 713-429-5473.

Is Total Eclipse Customizable?  Absolutely!

Customize your Display.   Give Total Eclipse exactly the look you like.  You’re not limited.  A full WYSIWYG editor means What You See Is What You Get, so there’s no need for a “print preview.”  If you prefer, use a proportional editing font and zoom in for editing ease.  Split your screen into two panes.  Open multiple documents.  Eclipse dictionaries always track the text you’re editing. 

Customize your Toolbars.   There’s an icon for every menu function. Use exactly the icons you want, in large or small sizes, with or without text labels.  Arrange your toolbars horizontally or vertically.  Use up to six toolbars, or none at all, as you wish.  You can even undock the toolbars and move them away from the program screen.  Make it work the way you like.

Customize your Keyboard.   Total Eclipse comes with a very complete set of Speedkeys, Macros, and Hyperkeys for super-efficient editing. Feel free to create new shortcuts of your own.   You’re not limited.

Total Eclipse is one of the least mouse-intensive programs around. Wherever possible, there are keyboard shortcuts -- whether it’s
Hotkeys (underlined letters to select choices on menus) or Speedkeys (using combinations of Shift, Alt, Ctrl, and the F1-12 keys to totally by-pass menus). 

Hyperkeys are an even more efficient set of keyboard commands.  They  do not use Ctrl or Alt, so you’ll probably find them easier to remember.  You can perform most functions by pushing one key. Plus, you'll be able to cut down on wrist pain and fatigue by keeping your hands on the home keys.

Customize your Dialogues.   Give your poor eyes a break! Each Total Eclipse dialogue can have its own zoom setting and transparency setting. Dialogues automatically move out of the way of your cursor, but you can also anchor each one in whatever spot you prefer. Many dialogues also let you include more or fewer controls.

Take Advantage of a Double Display for CART Writing: Connect an external monitor or projector for CART clients to read a clean, uncluttered display, while your reporter’s screen shows steno, text, Auto-Brief, Global Magic, and many other powerful Eclipse features.