Keith Vincent, CSR
Tel. +1 (713)429-5473


Top Reasons
to love Total Eclipse


Security & Service

  • Continuous protection
    • saves your work every 5 seconds
    • creates up to 10 backups of each job you edit
    • creates up to 10 backups of your user settings
    • creates up to 10 backups of your main dictionary
  • Continuous support
    • 24/7/365 technical help via Advantage Software’s toll-free number
    • Even total rewrites of Eclipse are provided with support subscription
    • Internet support, including CR-Net private forums for Eclipse users
  • Continuous success
    • Reporter-owned and managed since 1987
    • Enthusiastic user community of over 15,000 reporters, scopists, and captioners around the world, including the Senates of the United States, Canada, and Italy.

Integration:  The Essence of Eclipse

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