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Break-Even Calculator

Standard prices for Total Eclipse:
Full Reporter’s Version:  $3,995
Convenience Key (a secondary key for your notebook!):  $300
  Scopist’s Version:  $1,595
       Captioner’s Version:  $6,995
Student Rental Program:  $399

Buying Eclipse in Houston, Beaumont, or Southeast Texas?
     Take advantage of this special offer.

     Buy Total Eclipse for the regular price of $3,995
     Get a free Convenience Key
and a 7-pack of e-Power Video Tutorials
     to help you earn 2.4 continuing education units.

As always, synchronized audio, dictionary conversion, Texas format files, and your first year of 24/7/365 support and updates are included.

     If you live somewhere else, I'd be happy to help you get in touch with your local Eclipse representative.
Thanks for your interest in Total Eclipse!