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Serious about Captioning?
Then you need serious captioning software.
Invest in your future!

The market for realtime captioners is booming. When the world is watching, you want your captions to look good. Nothing makes you look as good as AccuCap.

The power and flexibility of AccuCap is incredible. Today's realtime reporter/captioner must be able to interface with a variety of hardware/software – often simultaneously – in a multitude of environments.
AccuCap is without a doubt the answer.
Larry Driver

Working hand-in-hand with leading captioners, Advantage Software has been producing captioning software since 1987 – and it shows. AccuCap is everything you’ve hoped for in a world-class product – and more. With AccuCap, you get all the sophisticated captioning features you’d expect from a market leader – plus the incredible power of Total Eclipse.

Switching software is never easy, but the comfort of working with a solid company has certainly helped ease the transition…
AccuCap is THE software to take us into the future.
Deanna Baker

Whether you’re new to captioning or a seasoned professional, AccuCap is perfect for you. Experienced captioners will appreciate the ultimate control and customizability of every function, while new users will value time-saving, fail-safe features that help prevent embarrassing mistakes.

AccuCap gives me such high-quality translations, with powerful number conversion, sophisticated conflict resolution, and automatic creation of composite words. I’m amazed at how much more difficult it was to caption with Captivator.
Cheryl Palanchian

AccuCap - World-Class Captioning Software

  • Ultra-smooth realtime translation
  • Eclipse’s legendary artificial intelligence for super-accurate captions
  • Complete range of caption formats
  • Color and attribute support
  • International character set support, including musical notes
  • Line 21 and TeleText support
  • Multi-channel captioning for multi-language broadcasts
  • Compatible with virtually all encoders and writers
  • Script commands for blanking, positioning, and segment marking
  • Script list manager for ordering and automatically sequencing segments
  • Modem support and unlimited phonebooks for remote captioners
  • Multi-output system for simultaneous broadcasts in different data formats

The Closer You Look,
The Better We Look

  • View realtime text and scripts simultaneously, switching instantly between active windows.
  • Full-featured editor is always available, even during realtime.
  • Complete access to any text file, top to bottom, even during realtime
  • Precise steno and dictionary tracking for on-the-fly globals and dictionary entries
  • Closed-captioning broadcast simulator shows you precisely what your viewers are seeing at all times.  Ideal for remote captioning.
  • Easy-to-use graphical interface

There is life after DOS!
AccuCap enables me to take advantage of the Windows environment, jumping around from program to program while on the air, even connecting to the Internet during commercial breaks.
The program itself is exceptional! There is no competition. It outperforms Captivator indubitably! And the staff and support are the best I've ever dealt with.
Jennifer M. Bonfilio

e-Power Video Tutorial Available
Learn the Easy Way -- and get CEU credits, too!

Tutorial Price:  $129.95
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About 4 hours of video presentations
(The contents of 2 CDs on one disk!)
.6 NCRA Continuing Education Units
A comprehensive guide to Eclipse AccuCap
for current and transitioning captioners

Basic & Advanced User Setup
Dictionary Conversion & Management
Prefixes, Suffixes, Phonetics & the Metadictionary
The Bad Words Eliminator Dictionary
Adjusting Timing & Responsiveness
Screen Control
Editing from the Steno Keyboard for AccuCap Users
Intermingling Scripted Text & Live Writing
The AccuCap Kit - including dictionary supplementer and keyboard charts
Extensively indexed for easy access to video presentations.

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